Shakespeare Saturday: Timon of Athens

Timon of Athens is a tragicomic story of a wealthy, gregarious Athenian, who is a terrible judge of character. He loses all his earthly possessions through misplaced generosity, and consequently becomes a misanthropic, histrionic recluse. It is considered another problem play, with a particularly unsatisfying denouement and slightly unfinished feel to it – it has … More Shakespeare Saturday: Timon of Athens

Shakespeare Saturday: All’s well that ends well

The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together All’s well that ends well is another problem play, though it’s more comedic than Measure for Measure or Troilus and Cressida – a traditional comedy in appearances, but with a resolution that will leave something of an aftertaste. Like in many … More Shakespeare Saturday: All’s well that ends well