Shakespeare Saturday: The Tempest

Hell is empty and all the devils are here. Here we are, on the final shore. (Almost) literally and figuratively. The Tempest is the last play Shakespeare wrote; he finished it around 1611, five years before his death. After Tempest, he contributed to two, possibly three, plays by John Fletcher, who was becoming the resident … More Shakespeare Saturday: The Tempest

Housekeeping notice

Tomorrow is the last Shakespeare Saturday on this blog. I’ll do a post on the collaborative and lost plays sometime in January, and yes, it will be on a Saturday. I’m not sure how I will actually continue this process, but I will. I’ll probably start by reading all the supporting literature that has been … More Housekeeping notice

Shakespeare Saturday: The winter’s tale

Though I am not naturally honest, I am sometimes so by chance. The Winter’s Tale is another work hovering somewhere between “late pastoral romance”, comedy and a problem play, having a somewhat problematic structure – the first three acts are a dark, somber tragedy, a portrayal of the madness of King Leontes that results in … More Shakespeare Saturday: The winter’s tale