Shakespeare Saturday: The Merchant of Venice

You speak an infinite deal of nothing. The Merchant is another oddity of a play. Like many Shakespeare plays, it has two parallel storylines – that of Portia and her marriage woes, and that of Shylock the Jew. One is a romantic comedy. The other is… an uneasy tragedy of horrifying proportions. The romantic comedy … More Shakespeare Saturday: The Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare Saturday: Midsummer Night’s Dream

Lord, what fools these mortals be! Midsummer Night’s Dream is a strange beast of a play. While many Shakespeare plays have a secondary plot concerning a secondary set of characters, Midsummer Night’s Dream doesn’t really have a main story line or a main character – there are four pairs of lovers, and four plots that … More Shakespeare Saturday: Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare Saturday: Romeo and Juliet

Here is Shakespeare. Juliet’s balcony is as instantly recognisable as Shakespearean as is Hamlet’s skull and dagger. It’s the greatest love story ever told – two feuding families, two young people determined to be together no matter what, an unhappy ending. Unlike Shakespeare in Love would have you believe, Shakespeare didn’t actually invent this tale. … More Shakespeare Saturday: Romeo and Juliet