Housekeeping notice

img_4413Tomorrow is the last Shakespeare Saturday on this blog. I’ll do a post on the collaborative and lost plays sometime in January, and yes, it will be on a Saturday. I’m not sure how I will actually continue this process, but I will. I’ll probably start by reading all the supporting literature that has been piling up during the year – from Ben Crystal to Harriet Walter – and report on my readings. I’ll also go back to the plays; while the play-a-week may be over, I feel like in many ways I haven’t really even started on Shakespeare yet. And there will be other stuff coming as well – in January I have tickets to see Rosenkavalier in the ROH and Marta Argerich in the Sheldonian in Oxford, and Adriana Lecouvreur and Janine Jansen in the same venues in February. I might finally even have time to read something come 2017.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

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