New starts

This has been the year that hasn’t got started yet, not really. January felt like a warm up, and February has flown by, not bringing any more cohesion to thought or deed. I have read only two books since the start of the year. Went to a concert once, the memory of it still firmly locked in my mind and nowhere else, tho here are pictures. Maybe I’m waiting for the evenings to get lighter or something.

Yup, that is indeed Marin Alsop. The Marin Alsop. How amazing is that?

  • so, there’s a new look, and a new URL this year. Apart from the CD project, I’m bringing all my online activity under this blog this year, including my photos, which will appear under their own tab at some point. One of my new year’s resolutions has been to concentrate on photography more, to improve my technical skills, and to show my work more, and that’s what I’m working towards, online and off.
  • I like projects. I love projects. So here’s one: All my music. When I came to Oxford, I brought a whole lot of CDs with me, and until the last record shop here closed, I kept adding to the collection. I don’t listen to them nearly enough, so my this year’s goal is to go through the lot. Hopefully making some discoveries while I’m at it – new works, forgotten works, memories of when and why I got this music in the first place.
  • Stephen Beresford’s new adaptation of Fanny & Alexander, the sprawling coming-of-age story by Ingmar Bergman, opened for previews yesterday, starring Dame Penelope Wilton, and I’m going on Saturday. So, so excited, mostly to see Wilton tho. I have a second ticket for end of March – I love seeing plays both during the previews and after they open, just to see how they evolve.
  • finally, while I’m seeing the play on 24th Feb, the opening performance of Handel’s Ariodante from the Vienna Staatsopern will be streaming live here, and if Handel doesn’t tickle your fancy, Monteverdi’s Ulisse by the ROH, starring Roderick Williams, will be deferred-broadcast on BBC Radio 3. I briefly reviewed it here.


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