Shakespeare Oxford 2016

This being the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Oxford too is hosting a festival, organised by a consortium of local institutions like the university, Bodleian Libraries, the OUP, Blackwell’s and a number of local arts organisations and festivals. Weston Library, one of my favourite spaces in Oxford, has an exhibition called Shakespeare’s Dead and the Bodleian will host a series of events, starting with an activity day on Shakespeare’s birthday on this Saturday, and continuing till end of July. OUP’s theme is Illuminating Shakespeare, while Blackwell is presenting a chosen Shakespeare Book of the Month.

Complete Shakespeare Oxford 2016 events list here.

Description and events list for the Shakespeare’s Dead in the Bodlein Libraries here.

OUP’s Illuminating Shakespeare website.

Blackwell’s Shakespeare Book of the Month website.

(Photo credit: Shakespeare Oxford 2016 website.)

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